CHEERLEADING AND MAJORETTE ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (CAMAN) is the federation body for cheerleading in Nigeria and affiliated to International Cheer Union (ICU) which is the world governing body for cheerleading.

CHEERLEADING AND MAJORETTE ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA has been able to discover and nurture lots of talents in both public and private schools, churches, sporting activities across Nigeria and majorly in Lagos State. We have been able to train 230 cheer athletes as of 2016 and in 2017, we have discovered and trained 1200 cheerleaders in Lagos State which includes; School Team, State Teams and Open Teams, as well as other States such as Kaduna, Anambra etc. We have organised Cheerleading Championships in Lagos State to promote Cheerleading in Nigeria and organized Educational training for the trainer's / cheer coaches. We have also had 5 Cheerleading Summer Camps designated to enhance and improve the established cheerleaders and coaches in the country.

Cheerleading has been described as the ultimate team sport and a metaphor for life. It takes a whole team working together to achieve success. A community is the same way. When we work together and help each other, no goal is beyond reach.

CAMAN greatly appreciates any consideration and assistance your organization may choose to help us with and we look forward to any partnerships in the future.


To develop physical fitness and impact leadership skills as great cheerleaders who make great leaders full of potentials, determination and able to cultivate team spirit with our culture in cheerleading.


Is to develop the creative, intellectual, moral and physical fitness of children, youths and adults involved in cheerleading and also build and train cheerleaders to world standard, who are confident and can compete to win medals at national, African and international championships.